Manage your property
with Tim Morris Real Estate

Property management is our business and customer service is our number one priority with landlords and tenants alike.

Tim Morris provides real time inspections. A comprehensive report is supplied to each landlord after every inspection. The report includes photographs taken on the day of the inspection and any maintenance that may be required.

All prospective tenants are provided with a personalised tour of your property. Once the Application for Tenancy form has been received by our office, we immediately check all references including previous landlords, estate agents, employers and personal referees.

Tim Morris staff undertake monthly motivational enhancement and training.

Tim Morris has competent property management and administration staff.

Tim Morris has a complete and thorough tenant selection process.

Tim Morris has a detailed vacancy list which is regularly updated.

Competitive rates

Our fees are negotiable and very competitive. Contact Tim Morris Real Estate to discuss what we can do for you and your property.

Securing the right
tenant for your property

Securing the right tenant is not only important to you—it's very important to us!

Tim Morris provides all new tenants with a complete and extensive Rental Application Pack which ensures they are fully informed on matters relating to their individual tenancies.

Tim Morris has a small database of trusted professionals in the property maintenance, trades, and cleaning industries—we have the right person for every job.

As part of our service to you, we also cross-check applicants on Australia's largest tenant screening service – TICA. When our screening process is complete, we then forward to you all recommendations for your perusal and approval.